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Starmaster offers devices to keep the secondary mirror and Sky Commander dew-free.

Let's face it - unless you live in the desert, on many nights dew is a big problem.  In its most insidious form, dew can form on your secondary and be invisible when you look in the focuser, but really it is absorbing precious starlight, making images significantly dimmer.  Contrast is degraded, and faint objects disappear!

At worst, dew can shut down your observing early.  Of course after the dew forms, the sky often improves, the seeing may steady, and you are stuck with fogged optics if you don't have the right equipment.  Here's what you need to bust that dew.

AstroSystems Dew Guard
for secondary mirrors
AstroSystems Dew Guards of various sizesA Dew Guard installed on a secondaryThe AstroSystems dew guard will gently heat your secondary mirror from inside the holder.  Sensors measure  the temperature of the mirror and the ambient air, and the Dew Guard maintains an adjustable, preset temperature difference between the two by heating the mirror.  This keeps your secondary mirror above the dew point and free of dew.

A red LED indicates when the heater is heating or on, but not heating.  It may be easily unplugged if necessary.

-$75 with 9V battery supply (as shown above)

- $125 with wiring package from secondary to the 12V outlet on the Sky Tracker accessory plate (as shown below)
Wiring for Secondary Mirror Dew Heater

Dew Shield for Sky Commander

This nifty little shield will keep your Sky Commander dry and operating like a champ. The Plexiglas face plate is hinged and easily flipped out of the way. The hinge attaches to your Commander with double sided tape (included), making it easy to install. A must have accessory!

Only $15, plus $5 shipping and handling


All major components of Starmaster Telescopes are made with pride in the United States of America by small, community based companies.

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-Orders are not transferable without permission of Starmaster Telescopes and will be subject to additional fees.
-We are now accepting international orders for telescopes 22" in aperture and under.

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