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Observing Chairs

The StarStep Observing Chair or the Shorty Observing Chair
is the perfect accessory for your new telescope!

StarStep Observing Chair

Tin Man Holding Chair
  • Recommended for 14.5" F/4.3 Hybrid and larger scopes, up to the 20" F/3.7 FX and 22" Super FX.
  • For shorter telescopes, we recommend the Shorty Observing Chair (shown below).
  • Adjustable seat height up to 29"
  • Can be used as a step in the lower two positions (up to 16" high) for those times when you can't quite reach the eyepiece, yet a ladder is too high or won't fit in your car.
  • Standard overall height is 42", with a width of 24", ideal for scopes with eyepiece height up to 80".
  • Triangular configuration ensures firm ground contact
  • Oak and aluminum construction, finished with clear polyurethane
  • Step lifts out and chair folds flat for compactness and easy transport
Tin Man Sitting At His Scope NOTE:   This product is NOT intended to be used as a ladder.  DO NOT stand on the seat when it is MORE THAN 16 inches above ground level.

Deluxe Oak 42" StarStep Observing Chair -- $149

Shipping & Handling -- $79

Prices F.O.B. Arcadia, KS
Specifications & Prices Subject To Change

Tin Man Standing At His Scope

Shorty Observing Chair
Rick uses the Shorty Observing ChairWe have developed a special Shorty Observing Chair for our smaller and faster telescopes.  This is truly a chair, and NOT a step stool. 

Because of its shorter overall height, there is nothing to hold onto if you stand on it, and it is NOT suitable and NOT intended for use as a step stool.

The Shorty Observing Chair is shorter so the arm rests don't get in your way while using it in the lower sitting positions.  Like the StarStep, the Shorty also folds flat for easy transport.

Shorty Observing Chair -- $149
Shipping & Handling -- $69

Prices F.O.B. Arcadia, KS
Specifications & Prices Subject To Change

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-Orders are not transferable without permission of Starmaster Telescopes and will be subject to additional fees.
-We are now accepting international orders for telescopes 22" in aperture and under.

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